Sunday, January 10, 2016

E93 BMW Subwoofer Upgrade vs BAVSOUND GHOST Subwoofer

After several searches for the perfect subwoofer to fit in the ski hatch of my BMW E93 convertible I came across the website  This website had exactly what I was looking for to fullfil that need for base without losing my boot or trunk space since I have a convertible.

I search BAVSOUND, and other Bimmer Website Post  (, but could not find the ultimate BMW E93 subwoofer upgrade that would give me the true deep bass thump that my heart desires.  Until I came across

E93 Ski Hatch Subwoofer
E93 Subwoofer
BMW Convertible Ski Hatch Subwoofer

Friday, January 8, 2016

We at have made the perfect subwoofer box for your E93 bimmer.  It has many add-ons from aesthetics to awesome SPL creation.  We have seen many articles such as,,  relating to the need for this subwoofer box in the E93 BMW convertible, and decided to give our customers what the wanted.

Swing by our website at and give your E93 the true audiophile experience it deserves.

E93 Bimmer Subwoofer packages

Platinum E93 ski hatch subwoofer box

Gold Level E93 ski hatch subwoofer box